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Jesus- Fib, Dead, or God?

Why are you a Christian?

Most believers will talk about how they were raised, how God has improved their life, or how they know in their heart that it’s real.

It sounds good on the surface, but faith built on these things alone is liable to be knocked down by the next strong wind in your life. It’s the reason many people lose their way.

In other words, you’re focused on the wrong question.

Tragically, most people will spend their entire life dodging the most important question in history. They’ll get hung up on objections like:

  • The Christian faith and I have different views on social issues like abortion and gay marriage.
  • Some Christian groups are too intolerant.
  • I don’t like how some Christian groups meddle in politics.
  • Many Christians are hypocrites.
  • There are lots of religions, and I’m not sure only one has to be the right way.

That’s where this book comes in. James Finke, is back to help you cut through the noise and get at the structural integrity of the faith. Readers say it’s like having a friend personally explain it to you.

For Christians who are new to or perhaps have never even heard the term Christian Apologetics, get ready to level up. Your personal faith, and your ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others will never be the same.

That’s right. No more playing “spiritual whac-a-mole” with skeptics. You’ll learn to methodically and simply explain why Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of your life.

For Pastors, ministry leaders, and apologetics enthusiasts, this book will fit right into that open spot on your evangelism toolbelt.

It’s been nearly 2,000 years since Jesus of Nazareth asked, “Who do you say that I am?”. Still, it remains the most important question in history, asked by the most important person in history.

Are you ready? Let’s talk Jesus.

99 cents on Amazon

Powerful Prayers in the War Room

I Wanted to be a Prayer Warrior…But I Didn’t Know How

Do you struggle to find the right words to speak in the presence of Almighty God? Praying to God may feel foreign or like a ritual, and adding to that frustration, you worry that God isn’t listening. Even if He hears, will He reply? This book will show you God not only listens but also answers.

Or maybe you already pray regularly and are looking for a tune up for your prayer life. This book is for you, too. You already know that war room prayer is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

God is waiting to pour out blessings on your life, if only you will ask Him. God wants you to be a powerful prayer warrior and help you as you pray for the prayer requests on your war room wall.

Author Dan Lancaster was struck by the power of the prayers answered during his twelve years as an international missionary in Southeast Asia. These answered prayers brought glory to God and helped advance His Kingdom on Earth. THOSE are the prayers we need in our broken world, and the direction this book will guide you. You can pray more strategically when you have a war room battle plan for prayer.

Prayer was never intended to be complicated. The truth is that Jesus showed His disciples how to pray and He wants to show you how to pray too. Learn how to use The Lord’s Prayer as a prayer guide.

In this book, you will learn four ingredients of fervent prayer that will help you pray:

  • prayers for healing and recovery
  • prayers for strength and confidence
  • prayers about peace and serenity
  • prayers for your spouse and forgiveness
  • prayers for anxiety and depression

The author brings 40 years of his personal ministry experience to the pages of this book, but most importantly, he looks to the Word to unearth what Jesus prayed about and how. With beautiful simplicity, Dr. Lancaster offers tangible methods to reshape your prayer life beginning today.

If you like Fervent Prayer by Priscilla Shirer or the Praying Medic books, you will enjoy discovering more help with your war room prayer strategy. Dr. Lancaster knows firsthand the difference having a simple model of prayer will make in your life.

By opening your heart to these simple steps, you will begin to experience the true power of prayer in your relationship with God, in your community, and in ways you could never have imagined.

99 cents on Amazon

Everyday Love

What does real Christian love look like in the everyday moments of life?

Everyday Love—an easy-to-use, four-week study—will help you discover how your life can bear witness to God’s purpose. In as few as 15 minutes a day, you will explore 1 Corinthians 13 and the deeper truths about God’s love for you and others.

Designed for women who are pressed for time but crave depth from their Bible study, Everyday Love offers a relevant and lasting approach for reading and understanding Scripture as you work through the FOCUS method each week:

F—Foundation: Enjoy Every Word
O—Observation: Look at the Details
C—Clarification: Uncover the Original Meaning
U—Utilization: Discover the Connections in Scripture
S—Summation: Respond to God’s Word

Focus on quality, not quantity—no fear or intimidation. Make each minute of your valuable time count as you allow God’s love to work in your life.

FREE on Amazon

WAITING on GODYou pray, but God doesn’t seem to be listening. You trust Him, but it appears He’s letting you down. You believe His Word, but His promises are coming up seemingly empty in your life. You seek, but do not find…you knock, but no one answers. If God is doing anything at all in your life…you can’t see it. The fight of faith intensifies, as it appears that not only is God running late…He may not even show up at all. By the looks of things, God’s either too busy in the lives of others or He just simply doesn’t care.

All of our Christian life, we’re prepared to hear God speak to us, but nothing prepares us for His silence. It’s in these times of desperation, when we’re filled with doubt in the midst of our faith, when waiting on God appears to be in vain, that our faith is tested, grown, and strengthened, as we learn to trust in Him even when there appears to be now reason that we should.

While we wait on God, it’s His Promises that we’ll cling to, and ultimately put our faith in, when our lives are hanging by a thread. We’ll find that God knows what He’s doing. He’s in control…even when life isn’t. You’ll find that even when your world seems to be falling apart…it’s really just falling into place in the hands of your Almighty loving God.

FREE on Amazon

God is Like a GeyserWalk with God in Yellowstone National Park

In this 30 day devotional discover how Yellowstone National Park’s natural phenomenon, geysers, reflect their creator.

From the largest active geyser in the world, Steamboat Geyser, to the most famous geyser, Old Faithful, the author offers thought on how they might be God speaking out to those He loves on a daily basis.

This is NOT a book of theology, but more of an encouragement to sit and wait on God. It is an exploration of thoughts about geysers and their maker.

Whether you are a fan of geysers and Yellowstone National Park or looking for a devotional that is fun and thought-provoking, you’ve found it.

Geysers included in this book

  • Old Faithful Geyser
  • Grand Geyser
  • Artemesia Geyser
  • Beehive Geyser
  • Riverside Geyser
  • Lonestar Geyser
  • Fountain Geyser
  • Morning Geyser
  • Great Fountain Geyser
  • Castle Geyser
  • Steamboat Geyser

And more!

FREE on Amazon

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