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Conquering the Spirit of DeathConquering the Spirit of Death
by Becky Dvorak
Take Hold of Resurrection Life!The devil prowls around like a lion, seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy can keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised.But the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within us, His children. To truly walk in fullness of life, we must apply this resurrection power to our daily lives!

Becky Dvorak is a dynamic preacher of the Gospel, healing evangelist, and prophetess to the nations. Furthermore, she is a mom, wife, and grandmother who has served on the foreign mission field for 25 years. Through her relatable ministry experience, Becky learned how to enforce God’s supernatural power in her life. In her boldest work yet, she calls all believers to step into new realms of Jesus’ resurrection power.

Through compelling testimonies, her own dynamic story, and next-level Bible teaching, Becky shows you how to:

  • Come into agreement with the Spirit of life.
  • Recognize and renounce the spirit of death.
  • Be prepared for sudden and unexpected battles.
  • Reject the fear of death.
  • Use five revelatory keys to overcome the spirit of death.
  • Use biblical keys to overcoming depression.

Throw off the spirit of death, and take hold of the joy and abundance of Jesus’ resurrection power!

FREE on Amazon

True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and BeyondTrue Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond
by Tommy Welchel, Michelle Griffith
The Book of Acts never ended!
Live and Experience the Book of Acts today!
Experience the Book of Acts today!
Supernatural Christianity never ended!
A generation today is asking, Where are all God’s miracles which our fathers told us about? (Judges 6:13).Author of the best-selling book They Told Me Their Stories, Tommy Welchel answered this question, living among the youth of one of the greatest spiritual outpourings ever experienced—the Azusa Street Revival. During this time, Tommy recorded first-hand accounts of the miracles that they had witnessed… and even performed themselves!

These testimonies have been shared around the world, and the results have been amazing: Miraculous healings, supernatural phenomena, and impossible situations being turned around by a wonder-working God.

As you read about the miracles that God performed during this great move of His Spirit, your faith will be stirred to:
• Encourage others that God’s healing power has not passed away
• Believe for the miraculous in your life
• Release supernatural breakthrough to people who need a touch from God
Prepare to experience a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit… today!

FREE on Amazon

He Heard Hannah: The 911 Call That Saved the Dispatcher's LifeHe Heard Hannah: The 911 Call That Saved the Dispatcher’s Life by Lynnette Kraft , Courtney Becker
Lynnette Kraft hoped she’d had her share of suffering with the death of two infant sons and a complicated congenital diagnosis for her daughter, Anna. But six years later, Anna, too, is called home, and Lynnette is, once more, thrust into a world of grief, wondering if she’ll ever be able to reconcile God’s purpose in her heartache.When she receives an unexpected letter from Courtney Becker, the 911 dispatcher who took the call that fateful morning, Lynnette is given a chance to see, firsthand, the transformative power of suffering.A divinely orchestrated tale of trial and perseverance—hopelessness and restoration.

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