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Choosing Trust

He has a chance at a new life. But can he let go of his past?

What happens when old secrets threatens the future Miranda and Jason fought so hard for?
Miranda thought she finally had it all — love and a family. But when the past resurfaces, Jason’s insecurities flare up.

Fighting through doubts and betrayal, Miranda refuses to surrender Jason — but will they be able to salvage their love from the wreckage, or is it already too late?

99 cents on Amazon

Hunters Ridge Book Bundle

Plain Obsession (Book 1):
Staying safe in Amish country shouldn’t be this hard. When a close friend is murdered in her NYC apartment, Violet Jackson fears the worst–her childhood stalker has returned. But there’s no evidence she had a stalker, then or now, and no one believes her. Plagued by panic attacks, Violet returns to her mother’s country estate in Hunters Ridge, a quiet Amish community, where she had found her center years earlier.

Bad boy Theo Cooper got the discipline he needed in the army and a dose of reality when his dad got sick. Now, back in Hunters Ridge, he’s running the family’s lumberyard and stepping up to be a father to his young son.

When Violet shows up in Hunters Ridge, Theo can’t believe his good fortune. He always regretted how their budding romance in high school–however unlikely–had imploded the night of senior prom. But Violet’s not interested in romance. She’s determined to get over her anxiety and return to her life in New York. When Violet becomes the target of an apparent stalker, Theo’s protective instincts make him determined to defend the woman he’s beginning to love, even if it means risking the life he’s built in Hunters Ridge–and his carefully guarded heart.

Plain Missing (Book2):
Not everyone who disappears wants to be found. When Drew Kincaid rolls into the Amish community of Hunters Ridge to serve as best man for his army buddy, he doesn’t plan on staying beyond the weekend. He also doesn’t plan on meeting his friend’s beautiful sister, Olivia. Olivia Cooper, a sheriff’s deputy, is intrigued by her brother’s friend, but she long ago swore off complicated men. And Drew Kincaid screams, “complicated.” In the midst of the wedding celebration, Olivia’s eighteen-year-old Amish neighbor goes missing. However, the young woman’s father seems more ashamed of his daughter’s betrayal than her safety and refuses to cooperate with law enforcement. Olivia suspects the Amish tenet to stay separate is just an excuse to hide a secret. One that could turn deadly.

Olivia won’t rest until she locates her neighbor. Her investigation lands her in the crosshairs of a deranged stalker who she fears may have also targeted her neighbor. Meanwhile, Drew is compelled to protect his army buddy’s sister, even though he’s pretty sure the deputy can handle herself. But he’ll use any excuse to get closer to her. Will she let him? Or will the stalker get to her first?

Plain Escape (Book 3): Freedom comes with a cost. Sarah James, a social worker, has committed her life to helping women in unhealthy situations. When one of the Amish women she’s been counseling goes missing, Sarah fears her meddling has come with a cost. A very steep cost.

Trevor Griffin has a plum job as a forensic accountant with the FBI office in Buffalo, NY. When his adult niece doesn’t return home after a weekend with friends, Griff tracks her smartphone to the small town of Hunters Ridge.

When Sarah and Griff cross paths, they learn both women accepted a ride with the same driver before vanishing. The home of the driver is easy to track down, but the same can’t be said of the women. Convinced their disappearances are connected, Sarah and Griff pool their resources to find them.

Emotions run deep during this high-stakes investigation. Griff and Sarah find themselves drawn together as they cling to the fleeting hope that the women they care about will come home. Safe.

99 cents on Amazon

Gold Rush Bride Hannah

A brand-new widow, she’s doesn’t need another man in her life. He’s not looking for a wife. But when danger thrusts them together, will they change their minds…and hearts?

Hannah Lauman’s husband has been murdered, but rather than grief, she feels…relief. She decides to remain in Georgia to work their gold claim, but a series of incidents makes it clear someone wants her gone…dead or alive. Is a chance at being a woman of means and independence worth risking her life?

Jess Vogel never breaks a promise, so when he receives a letter from a former platoon mate about being in danger, he drops everything to help his old friend. Unfortunately, he arrives just in time for the funeral. Can he convince the man’s widow he’s there for her protection not for her money?

Gold Rush Bride: Hannah is the first book in the exciting new series Gold Rush Brides. Steeped in romance, intrigue, and history, the story will keep you turning pages long into the night.

99 cents on Amazon

Finding Love in Florence

A wonder-struck art school dropout and a disillusioned Italian bachelor have ten days in Florence to change their lives.

After Samantha dropped out of art school to care for her grandmother, the two spent years planning a trip to Italy together… but now her grandmother is dead, and Samantha is left to pick up the pieces of her own life and dreams. She’ll start with Florence: stay at a charming countryside castle, study all the sculptures… and try not to get distracted by the sculpted jaw of her hosts’ dreamy—but definitely not interested—son.

Edo has come home after six years, summoned to take the reins of the family’s bed & breakfast—a fate he’s dreaded most of his life. He’s not even home a day before his mother is pushing him to play tour guide for their current guest, a pretty girl who seems different from the tourists Edo remembers.

As Florence begins to open Samantha’s heart, she opens Edo’s eyes to the city and home he’d forgotten how to love—but Samantha only has ten days in the country; will that be enough for them to build a future on?

99 cents on Amazon


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