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Following Jesus- A 21-Day Journey

Physical growth is automatic; spiritual growth isn’t.

Since you’ve become a follower of Jesus, what are you doing to grow in your faith? Would you say you’re closer to Jesus today than you were a year ago? Some people focus on the event of becoming a Christian and forget the process of following Jesus.

Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey is a guide to help you experience Jesus and grow in your faith. Some say it takes twenty-one days to make a habit. This book will help you develop the habit of a daily quiet time and deepen your prayer life.

Not only will you experience twenty-one days of Bible study on various topics leading to spiritual growth, but you’ll also enjoy an allegory that introduces each section. This story will lead you to think of important principles for your own spiritual journey.

Join Dr. Tim Riordan, pastor and bestselling author, as he leads you to follow the true Guide, Author, and Finisher of your faith: Jesus.

“Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey” is a 2022 Selah Award finalist.

99 cents on Amazon

Coffee Shop Conversations Psychology and the Bible: Live, Lead, and Love Well

Mature your faith, grow your relationships and lead at a higher level with these time-tested principles from psychology and the Bible. This Biblical psychology book will guide you on the journey!

All too often, the Bible and psychology are presented as being at odds with one another. Sadly, this leaves Christ-followers with limited opportunities for growth. This book is different because it is pro-Bible, pro-psychology, and pro-you!

Biblical Psychology

Each chapter begins by examining a fundamental counseling theory and shows how key concepts align with a Biblical world view. Next, specific applications help readers put God’s word into action. Each idea is easy to understand and written in coffee shop, casual language. This book is perfect for pastors, Christian counselors, and everyone looking to improve their lives!

Christianity and Relationships

Christianity is all about relationships. Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible provides practical tools for developing close, healthy, safe, and secure attachments. Readers will better understand Christianity and mental health by learning how critical principles from psychology align with Biblical principles.

Christianity and Self-help

Christianity and self-help can, indeed, go hand in hand. Instead of waiting for positive change to happen, take a proactive approach. Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible will help you:

  • Build secure attachments
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Improve your thought life
  • Recover from setbacks
  • Connect closely
  • Manage stress
  • Feel happier

No matter where you are at in your growth journey, there is something in this book for you.

Pick up Coffee Shop Conversations: Psychology and the Bible, and learn how to live, love, and lead more effectively than ever before! This Biblical psychology book contains sound wisdom and time-tested, Christian relationship advice.

Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions to further guide you in implementing positive life change. So, don’t wait. Discover how the Bible and psychology work together and get started on your growth journey today! 

99 cents on Amazon

Extraordinary Hospitality for Ordinary Christians- A Radical Approach to Preparing Your Heart & Home for Gospel-Centered Community

Winner of the Best Book Awards and 1st Place Winner of the Selah Awards for Christian Life!

Prepare your heart and home to serve not only family and friends, but neighbors and strangers too! Make any space a haven of discipleship, connection, and comfort. 

As Christians, we sometimes forget the power of an open door to a lost world. Using our homes to live out our faith in the true model of the Great Commission is challenging in our busy, over-scheduled lives. But having a home that is always open and available is key to living in community with others and being missional in our thinking. In this beautiful and inspiring book, wife, mom, and interior design enthusiast Victoria Duerstock offers simple and inspiring ways to prepare our hearts and homes to be open to friends, neighbors, and strangers.

You don’t need an immaculate or professionally decorated home to be hospitable. In fact, there is beauty in being honest with others about our lived-in spaces, and great value in being humble enough to live life together in the midst of imperfection. But it’ll be a blessing to you and to your guests to create a space that reflects the beauty, peace, and joy of life in Christ.

Whether you have a tiny apartment or a big old farmhouse, you can learn how to:

  • Declutter common areas
  • Bring hygge to your guest room (or even just to your couch, if that’s all you’ve got!)
  • Create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere
  • Schedule in regular housecleaning
  • Prepare freezer meals for no-stress last minute dinners

More importantly, be encouraged to have your heart in the right place, to engage in meaningful discussion with guests, and to take time to be a “Mary” in our works-driven “Martha” culture. Allow the Holy Spirit to overflow from your heart into your homes and community as you let your guard down and invite people into your lives.

1.99 cents on Amazon

The Missional Entrepreneur- Principles and Practices for Business as Mission

Both an emerging term and a developing concept, business as mission (BAM) has drawn much fascination in both mission and business circles with the concept of strategically using business to accomplish missional purposes. Though the term is ubiquitous in mission circles, there is great disparity in what it means.

There has been much talk about BAM in theory, but far less research done on how it works out in reality. The Missional Entrepreneur takes an in-depth look at business as mission in reality with an eye for the principles and practices that can make it effective.

FREE on Amazon

Faith House- A Journey of Faith In Addiction Recovery

Who understands the compulsions of addiction better than an addict? Who understands the fear of loneliness better than someone blamed and shamed? There is only One who truly understands your desperation better than you — Christ. He sees your life from an eternal perspective. Though you may be broken, he sees the potential and promise for which you were created. Start your journey towards healing today.

Faith House: A Journey to Faith is the story of how God invades our darkness. When everyone else walks out of your life, Jesus walks in. This is not a book with false promises that God will heal you overnight. You did not reach this point of darkness overnight; following the light out will take time.

But your addiction doesn’t have to define you. Regardless of current circumstances, your past can be forgiven. You can be made whole. With God, “Nothing is Impossible.” Luke 1:37.

Isn’t it time you began your journey towards healing?

99 cents on Amazon

Absolute Surrender

“My God, I am willing that You would make me willing.”

God waits to bless us in a way beyond what we expect. From the beginning, ear has not heard, neither has the eye seen, what God has prepared for those who wait for Him (Isaiah 64:4). God has prepared unheard of things, things you never can think of, blessings much more wonderful than you can imagine and mightier than you can conceive. They are divine blessings. Oh, come at once and say, “I give myself absolutely to God, to His will, to do only what God wants.” God will enable you to carry out the surrender necessary, if you come to Him with a sincere heart.

About the Author
Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a well-known South African writer, teacher, and pastor. More than two million copies of his books have been sold, and his name is mentioned among other great leaders of the past, such as Charles Spurgeon, T. Austin-Sparks, George Muller, D. L. Moody, and more.

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