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I Am The OneI Am The One
by Sherylynne L. Rochester-Dix

A gripping story of despair, heartbreak, and hope.

As their anniversary approaches, Claudia can hardly contain her excitement and even worry. This year will finally be the one, she’s sure. Expecting her boyfriend’s long-awaited marriage proposal, she counts down the days to their anniversary.

But when the day finally arrives, her life unravels. Faced with a terrible breakup and secrets he’s held from her, Claudia reels from the shock of his sudden change of heart. Aimless and too heartbroken to contact her family and best-friend, she sets her sight on giving everything up, including life.

But in her darkest moment, something catches her eye. Will she give up everything, or will it compel her to give this new single life a try?

If you like gripping short fiction series which explores real human emotions and struggles through a gritty and realistic lens for Christian singles, then you won’t want to miss I Am The One.

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When It's Too Late to Tell When It’s Too Late to Tell
by J. Evan Johnson

To tell is to perceive. To tell is to inform.

When it’s Too Late to Tell features four characters, Mark, Craig, Jade and Berta, all holding issues from the past that suffocate every lasting relationship they have. Mark, an elementary school teacher, and his wife Jade, a pharmacy technician, hold deep secrets from each other; secrets that cause a rift in their marriage.

Mark’s best friend Craig lives his days as a financial planner, struggling with the idea of God, questioning His existence each day. Indeed, Craig once believed and held strong to his faith, formerly being a youth minister for a well-known church, but some strenuous events turned his life upside down. If it weren’t for a helping hand, his life would have ceased to exist. Berta, Craig’s assistant, stands to be the most faithful, although the horrors that happened to her in her past would allow anything but.

One part to her past in particular binds her, forcing her to believe that her entire existence boils down to a single man’s dying wish. In this mesmeric story of relationships, each of the four must realize what issues truly hold them back and what issues to reveal before it is too late.

FREE on Amazon

Beauty After BrokennessBeauty After Brokenness by Kia Summers

Six months ago, Deaconess Jordan Diamond suffered an unbelievable tragedy that took her husband and young child. She’s fighting her way back, one heart-wrenching minute, but it’s not been easy. Her faith and her desire to move on have been shattered. If not for Pastor Weber and First Lady Marian, she might not survive at all.

Pastor Brayden Weber has offered counsel during difficult times, but as he councils a young widow, he finds himself in need of prayers of his own. His marriage has seen some strain. The more he gives to his church, the more his wife seems to resent it.

As both the Pastor and Jordan face their own battles, only God can give them Beauty After Brokenness.

Find out what happens in part one of this series!

FREE on Amazon

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Asheville Christian Writers Conference (click on the image to be inspired!)

Asheville Christian Writers Conference

Join the staff of BookDeals and Christian Devotions Ministries at the Billy Graham Conference Center February 18, 19 and 20, 2022 for the Asheville Christian Writers Conference. Be inspired! Revive your soul!

We have a limited number of rooms available for on-campus housing at The Cove. Enjoy a weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains with the Great I Am. This is more than a writer-reader retreat. It’s a time of revival, of renewal.

Writers and readers will learn how our words, inspired by God, can change the world one book, blog post, article, review, online comment, novel at a time.

This February, treat yourself to a retreat and leave with a renewed spirit to advance God’s kingdom one word at a time.

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