When the Ice Melts


Losing her dreams may mean finding herself.

Competitive figure skater Addisyn Miles erased her older sister Avery from her life years ago–back when her skating career led only to bright horizons. But now her dreams have crumbled, and in a small town in the Canadian Rockies, she’s seeking answers to the questions she never thought to ask. Surprisingly, though, those answers seem to point her toward a quiet man with a crushing secret…and toward the faith he once followed.

Meanwhile, heartbroken by her younger sister’s rejection, Avery Miles left her lonely life in New York and headed toward the sunset. Now, she seeks to bury her painful memories in the peace of the Colorado mountains and the love of the God Who made them. But then she comes face to face with an unwelcome bit of her past–someone who poses the ultimate threat to Addisyn. Struggling against her own darkest fears, Avery must summon the courage to love her sister again…and to find her before it’s too late.

Compelling and captivating, When the Ice Melts is a story of broken dreams, desperate decisions, and the relentless grace of a love that never lets go.