When I Met You


A barmaid searching for purpose, a youth pastor searching for love

Since leaving home at the age of seventeen, Amelia Anderson has wandered from town to town, city to city, looking for meaning and purpose. Due to her upbringing and experience, the only jobs she lands are in sleazy bars where inappropriate remarks and unsolicited invitations from the male patrons are everyday occurrences.

When she arrives in the small town of Water’s Edge, she’s had enough.

After fleeing the bar one evening, she meets a kindly, grey-haired woman who invites her to church.

With nothing to lose other than her job, she agrees to go.

Lucas Kelley hasn’t always been the squeaky-clean Youth Pastor at Water’s Edge Community Church, but he now walks in the freedom that comes with having his sins forgiven. Passion to help the local youth stay firm in the Lord and not stray into trouble as he did burns strong inside him.

But something, or someone, is missing from his life. Someone special. Someone to share his passion with.

He’s trusting God to bring the right person into his life at the right time, but he longs for that day to come.

When he meets the attractive ex-barmaid his good friend Charlotte brought to church one evening, his heart quickens. Could she be the one?

When I Met You is Book 1 in the Water’s Edge Christian Romance Series, a contemporary Christian Romance Series that is sure to bless and encourage!