Western Hearts


His brother’s dying wish was that Kip take care of his sons.

Nicole has come to take them away from the only home they’ve known.

Nicole has the law on her side in the form of her sister’s will giving their father guardianship of the boys.

Kip isn’t letting the boys go without a fight. But Nicole is proving to be a beautiful distraction that feeds his lonely heart.

While Nicole spends time with her nephews, she comes to know the ruggedly handsome cowboy better. In Kip she sees a man whose love and devotion for his family is what she’s always yearned for from her adoptive father. And Kip’s kisses only confuse her more.

However, when an earth-shattering secret is revealed, it threatens to take down their fragile relationship and change everything they thought was true. Can Kip and Nicole’s relationship stand this test? Or will it pit them against each other in a challenge to their faith, family alliances and love for each other?

Buy Western Hearts today and return to Aspen Valley in this heartwarming romance of the meaning of family, faith and love.