Weapons of Remorse


Hank Phillips makes his living defending the right to bear arms. Privately, he doesn’t ever want to touch a gun again.

Hank is an ex-Marine whose heroism in war earned him the Medal of Honor and a high-profile job with Armed and Ready, America’s most powerful gun rights organization. He has a devoted wife and son, millions of admirers and a bright future. But what Hank values most is his relationship with God. He believes his war record has poisoned it, and he prays that God will let him atone.

One night, a confrontation with police officer LaRonda Cage brings disaster upon Hank, his family, his employer and LaRonda, an exemplary cop burdened with responsibility for her disabled father. The consequences of this incident also sweep over David Tischner, an influential businessman whose four-year-old grandson disappears from his preschool playground. The only clue to Andy’s recovery is a mysterious ransom note left at the scene. David’s desperate efforts to rescue the boy bring him into conflict with Vern Saginaw, David’s best friend and the CEO of Armed and Ready. Events snowball until they threaten to engulf the Second Amendment itself.

Weapons of Remorse looks behind the headlines to explore the personal consequences of America’s gun violence dilemma. From the depths of grief, anxiety and recriminations, unlikely relationships develop that may provide a solution to the nation’s most grievous social problem.