Around Agatha Sea, princesses are poised, magically gifted, and betrothed.

So, when seventeen-year-old Princess Beatriz still fails to secure a betrothal, her parents hold a ball. Forming an alliance could mean the difference between peace and war, but Beatriz doesn’t want just any suitor. She’s in love with her best friend, Prince Lux. Marrying Prince Lux will always be a silly dream as long as she has no magical gift.
Princess Beatriz will do whatever it takes to obtain a touch of magic, including making a deadly oath to go on a quest to Valle de Los Fantasmas. A valley where no one comes out alive.
If she can manage to succeed, Princess Beatriz could have everything she desires and secure peace for her kingdom. If she fails, she’ll lose not only her greatest dream but also her kingdom, and maybe even her own life.

Unbethrothed, a 2022 new release title, is a young adult fantasy that encourages young women to embrace their self-worth. Exploring themes of redemption, the story takes place in a tropical seaside kingdom complete with a castle, flat-roofed houses and a mountainous jungle land. The authors’ own Latin background gives her young adult novels a Latin twist causing the most avid reader to be surprised.