Together We’ll Be



When Raelyn Matthews agreed at the last minute to accompany her aunt on a tour of New Zealand, she didn’t expect to encounter the most fascinating guy in the world on the very first leg of their travels. Nor did she expect to find that the big, handsome rancher seated beside her on the plane was from Odell, North Dakota—her aunt’s small hometown—and they were all in the same tour group. With an instant, mutual attraction between them, and a ten-day trip ahead of them, the incredible two-hour flight was only the beginning.

Or it would have been, except that Blake Layton hadn’t expected to meet her either, and his time and attention during the trip were already spoken for. He hated the lost opportunity, but Blake had no intention of leaving New Zealand without a plan. He and Rae might have to go their separate ways at the end of the trip, but they would meet again. He just had to be patient.

But while that initial plane ride had seemed like the hand of God bringing them together, the next big surprise seemed orchestrated to keep them apart. It crushed Rae’s hopes for a happily ever after with Blake and left him wondering why she hadn’t kept her end of their New Zealand pact.

It could have ended there. It almost did. But whe