The Waymaker Series Collection


The Way to Healing
After their first meeting, Edith “Edie” Carmichael would have been content to never lay eyes on Lucas Brown again.

She thinks he’s no more than the grumpy owner of Pine Creek’s lumber company, and he thinks she’s a know-it-all lady doctor intent on putting folks in their place.

The two must quickly form a truce when suspicious accidents and theft at the sawmill threaten both his livelihood and the lives of his men, but can Lucas ever learn to trust a woman after a lifetime of being abandoned by them? Can Edie be content running the clinic in the hometown she thinks she’s outgrown, or will her dreams prove more powerful than her growing feelings? And when the world around them goes up in flames, will Edie and Lucas make it out alive?

The Way to Peace
Alex Hall was everything Lily Carson had ever wanted in a man, if only he’d see her as more than his best friend’s little sister.

Lily Carson was off limits. Not only had he sworn he’d protect her in her brother’s absence, but Alex could never guarantee his violent past wouldn’t resurface and endanger those he loved.

Forced into the illegal fighting ring at sixteen, Alex’s past is littered with violence and fear. It’s a far cry from the life of small town pastor he’s led for years, his name even changed to distance from the man he used to be. He promised Lily’s brother he’d protect her in his absence, but he can’t deny the feelings he’s developed. And when men he prayed he’d never see again show up on their doorstep, Alex must reckon with his past if Lily is to be part of his future.

The Way to Family
After four years with the Texas Rangers, the last thing Malachi Carson expected to come home with was a bride.

For Sarah Graham, with secrets as big as the Texas sky, it’s either a marriage of convenience or a life on the run.

Malachi and Sarah marry to protect her and her baby from her late husband’s family, but Sarah struggles to move past a lifetime of being abandoned and rejected by those who are supposed to love her. As they get to know each other, feelings emerge, but will Malachi be able to protect Sarah from the growing threat against her? Will Sarah be able to trust the family she marries into, the one thing she’s always wanted?