The Unexpected Journey


How do you keep trusting God when the unexpected comes and your life looks nothing like you hoped?

The Unexpected Journey is an inspiring, heartfelt book that uncovers helpful truths for walking through tough times with God’s help.

In it you will learn about the seemingly impossible task of moving forward after the loss of a loved one.

The path of grief is a process and comes with twists and turns. As with any process, there are choices to make along the way, and you can choose between moving forward intentionally or being swallowed by doubt and fear.

Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr. is the pastor of Faith, Hope and Love Worship Centers of Baton Rouge and St. Francisville, Louisiana. He is a preacher, teacher, prophet, and author who has been serving in ministry for thirty-nine years and pastoring for thirty-one years.

On April 6, 2020, Bishop Hardy’s wife of thirty-eight years, Prophetess Robbin Eames Hardy, went to be with the Lord. He experienced first-hand the hope that comes to those who trust in God through sorrowful loss.

He wants to share his grief experience because he knows that countless others are going through the same thing. As you walk through hard times, Bishop Hardy’s genuine and motivating book, The Unexpected Journey, will help you discover:

  • Where to find an unfailing source of comfort
  • How to approach prayer when you’re in pain
  • What promises are available to you in Scripture
  • Why trust is all that is required of you
  • How to experience guaranteed victory and growth

As you walk through a painful situation, days will be hard, but choosing to trust God as you venture through The Unexpected Journey allows Him to comfort and transform you along the way.

Learn more from Bishop Hardy and the truths he shares when you buy a copy of The Unexpected Journey today!