The True Love and Precious Love Series Boxset


She’s a committed Christian. He’s a dedicated father. Will a chance meeting repair their fragile hearts?

When her long-term relationship ends, Tessa has a crisis of faith.

What is God’s plan?

The stray puppy outside her vet clinic needs a home. Tessa is happy to take it in, but the little ball of energy must have some training. This adorable creature is off to obedience school.

When she gets there, one other puppy parent catches her eye.

Is this a sign?

Ben is crushed when his wife leaves. He chooses to bottle up the emotions and focus on work. Raising a son without his wife is a challenge he had never imagined. His therapist’s suggestion is to get a puppy.

When he sees Tessa on the first day of puppy school, his heart lurches.

He hadn’t felt this way in a long time, but he isn’t ready for love.

Could a budding friendship turn into something more?

You’ll adore this collection of Christian Romance novels, because they’ll give even the most hardened pessimist hope.

“The True Love and Precious Love Boxset” includes all 7 books from both series.

If you like charming characters, faith-filled families, and friendships that become something more, then you’ll love USA Today Bestseller Juliette Duncan’s inspirational second-chance romance set in sunny Queensland, Australia.