The Living Water


Wholesome Christian Romance

When Cameron Frierson was eight-years-old, he had a vision about a well containing the living water. Since then, he has wondered what that dream meant and how it plays a role in his life and his purpose from God.

Now Cameron is a college student going on his first missionary trip to Peru. At first, the trip seems worthwhile, but things quickly take a turn when a terrible bus crash leaves him stranded in the Peruvian wilds.
Stuck in a foreign land, surrounded by strange people, Cameron finds his faith and his grit being tested. But after a series of events, he begins to believe that maybe he isn’t stuck at all. Maybe Peru was part of God’s plan all along. Besides, if it weren’t for the bus crash, Cameron wouldn’t have met the beautiful woman named Saloso, a member of the Sand Ribbon Tribe and the person who rescued him from the bus accident.

As Saloso nurses Cameron back to life, he starts to wonder if there is a connection between his childhood vision and the people of the Sand Ribbon. Was he brought to Peru to bring them the living water? Or do the indigenous Peruvians have living water to offer him?

Enjoy a journey of faith and self-discovery as Cameron learns what it means to trust in the Lord at all times—especially in times of trouble. This is a clean and wholesome Christian romance for Young Adult and Adult readers. Recommended age: 15+