The Light


A blinding flash … then darkness.
Bria Ford and her three closest friends are stranded on a country highway in the middle of a November night.
No phones. No cars. No lights.
Helpless and hundreds of miles from home, Bria and her friends put their lives in the hands of the handsome Jonah Page and his flinty sister, East, strangers who somehow know the secrets of Bria’s past. Secrets that not even she knows, but that offer them all the hope of survival.

The Light is Book One in this fast-paced, character-driven, Christian series that will leave you wondering who would I become if the world fell away?

Reviewers love The Light, start reading today and find out why!

“You will find love, suspense, faith, adventure, darkness and light in the pages of the book. The author weaves it all together and more into a beautiful story.”

“I became completely invested in the story and the characters’ fates and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.”

“I loved it from the first scene.”