The Land of the Blind


From their prison cell in the heart of Turkey, three American Christian pastors sentenced to a life of hard labor for preaching the gospel have only one prayer, “Help Us!”. When Clint responds to their plight with a dramatic rescue, Andrew, John Mark, and Peter are transported from certain death in a Turkish labor camp and given an invitation to a new life in Dallas, Texas.

Young, beautiful Sona Samour is not looking for a new life. As an Armenian Christian living in Istanbul, she has accepted discrimination, ostracism and grief as part of her family’s sad legacy to her. But when Sona meets Clint and Carol on a tour of Istanbul’s historic Palazzo Corpi, she learns just how quickly the future can change when her path crosses Kinsman.

As Sona, John Mark, Andrew, Andrew’s wife Rachael, and Peter struggle with the challenges of building a new life in America, all five must learn how to let go of the past and embrace the future while continuing to love and care for the Turkish people living in the land of the blind.

You are invited…to experience the hope that comes from knowing that no situation is ever too dark for God’s love in this newest holiday story in the Kinsman Series.