The Everyday: 366 Real Stories for Real People


Life is one big messy journey. Highest highs. Lowest lows. Mental agony. Profound joy. But lots and lots of just plain ordinary.

One woman decided to document 2020. Little did this wife, mother, grandmother, athlete, and adventurer know what the year would bring. But on January 1, she committed to writing a story of each day’s events. Personal and sometimes painfully transparent, Rebekah wrote about real life. Not made-up stories, not 2020 best sellers list fiction and nonficiton. Not even a critique of 2020 award winning books—though she reads a lot. But the real stuff that real people face every day.

The EveryDay provides 366 stories of her life and others written in 366 consecutive days. These incidents reflect real life stories in a novel way, not made-up, how-we-wish-it-to-be life. The stories chronicle everyday people doing everyday things in their everyday lives. Granted, not all the stories are pretty, some revealing deep-down pain and shortfall. But on the other hand, there are plenty of daily narratives that uplift and encourage, written from the depths of a happy and contented heart.

Join author Rebekah Trittipoe on her year-long journey to highlight God’s truth evidenced in normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill living. With every page turn, you will discover how the stories reveal a purposeful intention to evaluate the day’s happenings in the light of Truth. Each entry is devotional without being artificially lofty and pretentious, the everyday stories always circling back to foundational Scriptural principles.

Come. Share this journey. Discover truth in The EveryDay.