The Endling


2021 Golden Scroll Award Winner

From the mountains of Virginia comes a spiritually enlightening and captivating tale of survival and trust.

Native American Emerson Coffee is the last surviving member of her tribe. An endling. After an internship in New York, she has returned to her chosen life of solitude in the stone cabin atop the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where her grandfather trained her to survive by seeking God’s guidance in nature. When US Marshals inform her she’s being hunted by a mob hit man, Emerson declines their offer of witness protection, believing she can best outwit a predator on her own turf. But when three innocent children living in the art colony below become caught in the crosshairs, Emerson must decide if she will risk it all—her mountains, her heritage . . . even her life—to secure their safety.

Can a lone and unarmed endling stop the most ruthless family of all or will everything her ancestors fought to preserve die with her?