The Dayton Flood of 1913, a Novel



Sweeping through Dayton, Ohio, in March of 1913, a flood the strength of Niagara Falls, rose twenty feet and trapped thousands in businesses, houses, and treetops.

Annetta Schmidt and her father huddle on the roof of their shed when it swirls away on a collision course with the Main Street bridge.

Logan Wells, a jewelry salesman stranded in the Beckel House Hotel, loses his fortune but gains a treasure.

Esther and Oliver Garrison never dream that fleeing their home with their two toddlers and elderly mother would cause such anguish.

Sam Marshall, nicknamed Samson, uses his size and strength to rescue hundreds at his own peril.

Mellie Mitchell works alongside Dorothy Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, owner of the National Cash Register Company, to feed thousands of refugees while waiting for news of her own family.

Based on real-life, fictionalized experiences, this is a clean, Christian novel, the first in the Disasters! series.