The Day The World Sneezed: March 12, 2020



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During the summer of 2020 one man traveled miles… to a forgotten people… to save a nation… and honor his wife.

The Day The World Sneezed begins at the start of “the great sickness” in the U.S. and chronicles the first few weeks of the outbreak through the eyes of Elmer, a widower who avoids technology like it’s… you know, “the plague.”

Elmer’s story is one of hope, helping others, and finding the “light-hearted” moments in the midst of tragedy. If you enjoy finding silver linings in clouds and seeing the good in others, you may enjoy Elmer’s efforts to practice the Golden Rule.

Who would have thought nearly two years after Elmer stocked up on Lysol and hand wipes we’d still be talking about “the great sickness”? Elmer’s story makes for a great (maybe) nostalgic read of how it all began.

Years from now others may wonder how it felt to live through those first six weeks of the pandemic. Elmer’s tale reflects some of what we felt and how we reacted.

Destined to Become a Collector’s Item… Some Day


Recent Reader Comments

“A compelling narratives with elements of memoirs, adventure, and even a bit of satire about a sweet old man.” – Ben

‘The author has a gift for telling a great tale. This is the second one of this author’s books I’ve read and I love it as much as the first. I thought the ending was abrupt and left too many loose ends, but I suppose this was on purpose to make the reader want to get the next book. Anxious to see what happens next.” – Leanna

“Funny satire about this crazy world we live in.” – Hudson