The Cowboy: A Goodwater Ranch Romance


“Amanda Lewis brings a little town alive with its busybodies, gossip, and ghost stories. This well-written novel weaves a hopeful woman, a lonely man, and an intricate underlying mystery into an engaging storyline.” – Peggy Jo Wipf for Reader’s Favorite

Bea was just supposed to spend an easy, fun summer with her grandma before going back to college in the fall…

Elijah Callahan is broody, moody, and attitude-y.

The townspeople say he’s a murderer with a troubled past. And that, supposedly, there are more ghosts up at the Callahan ranch than there are in any given cemetery.

That’s what they say, anyway.

Bea St. Claire only sees the man of her dreams. Wounded, beaten and oh-so-handsome, he’s exactly the type of man who inspires all of her romance novel fantasies.

Locked in a war of willpower as the clock spirals out of control, Bea will have to make a choice.
If she wants her man, she’s going to have to conquer the biggest ghost of them all.

Elijah Callahan himself.

The Cowboy is a charming and captivating small-town romance that will warm your heart and leave you smiling. You’re sure to fall in love with the hilarious and heartwarming citizens of Goodwater Ranch!