The Charmer


She’s running for her life. He only wants to help her. But secrets threaten to keep them apart.

When mysterious Jenny Christner unintentionally catapults herself into Paul Miller’s life, he knows it isn’t just a coincidence. Paul isn’t looking for love, even though many of his friends have found their life mates. So why is he so drawn to this stranger?

When Jenny promised herself she’d never fall for another Amish man again, she wasn’t counting on crossing paths with charming Paul Miller. Not only is Paul handsome, he’s also thoughtful and kind. And nothing like Atlee Bontrager. It would be easy to fall in love with a man like Paul. But if she stays in Paul’s community, she’ll be putting him and his family in danger—something she isn’t willing to do. Worse yet, getting close to Paul will force her to reveal her secret—a secret that would jeopardize their chances at love.

Will Paul be able to convince Jenny she can trust him with her secret? Or will learning about her past be the undoing of their fragile romance?

The Charmer is the exciting third book in the Amish Country Brides series!