The Brides of Evergreen Box Set


All the Brides of Evergreen together in one collection!

Evergreen—One quaint western town…sizzling with romance, rivalries, and proposals.

Grab this Christian Clean and Wholesome Historical Western Romance in this Series today!

Hang Your Heart on Christmas—Book One: A marshal tormented by a thirst for vengeance. A schoolteacher desperate to trade fear for courage. They have nothing in common except a quiet, little town built on lies and betrayal.

Robert “Dent” Hernandez is a U.S. Marshal bent on bringin’ ’em in, preferably upright in the saddle, but draped across it works, too. Less interested in justice than revenge, he uses the badge as a license to hunt for his father’s killers. When an arrest goes wrong and he’s temporarily remanded to quaint Evergreen, Wyoming to act as interim sheriff, he writhes over the delay to his plans. That is, until he meets the very pretty, but suspiciously jittery schoolteacher. What is she so afraid of? Turns out, a lot of folks in Evergreen are keeping secrets—ones that may shake the foundation of everything Dent believes in.

Ask Me to Marry You—Book Two: Here comes the bride…and he isn’t happy.

Part I — “Male-Order Bride” With her father’s passing, Audra Drysdale accepts she needs a man to save her ranch. A mail-order groom will keep her prideful men working and a neighboring rancher at bay. What could go wrong?

Part II — “A Proposal So Magical” — Evergreen’s sheriff, Dent Hernandez, has fallen in love and now actually has to do something about it or risk losing the woman he loves to a ghost from her past.

Mail-Order Deception—Book Three: Intrepid reporter Ellie Blair gets an undercover assignment as a mail-order bride and heads off to Wyoming where she discovers her potential groom isn’t what he appears to be, either.

To Love and to Honor—Book Four: Faith. Honor. Love. Which one will they sacrifice?

Wounded cavalry soldier Joel Chapman is struggling to find his place in the world of able-bodied men when he meets pregnant and unwed Angela Fairbanks. The daughter of a cold and ruthless cattle baron, she is terrified her father will disown her when he learns of the baby. Joel, touched by Angela’s plight, brashly offers to pose as her husband for one day and then abandon her, thus restoring her honor.

The Indian and His Runaway Missionary–Book Five: She can’t let a man come between her and God…can she?