The Bloom Sisters Series


Venture to Bloom’s Farm in this collection of small-town, contemporary Christian romance and embrace the joy of family, faith, and true love.

This collection includes the following books:

Hoping for Hawthorne
His sister’s friend.
Her childhood crush.
All grown up.

A Date for Daisy
He thinks she’s the captain of the Hot Mess Express.
She thinks he’s rigid and wound too tight.
And this renovation is about to get complicated.

Poppy’s Proposal
She vowed he would never hurt her again.
He hides his pain behind a campaign smile.

Lavender and Lace
In their online writer chatroom, they are getting serious.
In the real world; He thinks she’s shallow, and she thinks he’s out of touch.
When their worlds collide, will their hearts survive?
(a modern twist on the romantic classic “You’ve Got Mail”)