Tha Battle


    They’ve been trained for spiritual battle. Now, will their new skills be enough to help them fight against the attacks of the enemy?

    In the second book of the Freedom in Healing Series, a newly-trained church group from Illinois braces themselves for an adventure on a luxury liner cruise, The Espirit. Except this isn’t going to be the typical vacation adventure. These prayer warriors are equipped to accomplish one mission only: Impart spiritual healing to those on the ship who are desperate for freedom.

    But there’s an enemy whose goal is in complete conflict with theirs. He desires to see these vacationers continue to live bound by darkness, and he will do everything within his power to keep them from receiving their much-needed healing.

    Will the healing prayer this group has learned be powerful enough to thwart the schemes of the enemy? And in a world filled with darkness, could it be possible that the answer to attaining victory lies in simple prayers uttered by God’s children?