Sports Shorts: 52 Stories of Faith from All-Star Believers


Kids and sports fans of all ages always look up to their favorite player. It doesn’t matter if they can throw a ball 100 mph, hit a grand slam, or catch a winning touchdown pass—athletes have a big impact on their fans. But what’s more important than a players’ stats and likeability is that they show a godly example both on and off the playing field.

In Sports Shorts, you’ll get an inside look at what motivates a Christian all-star player. You will find out that they have problems just like you. But they also know where to find strength when they are tested. Professional athletes can serve God and be happy even when life throws them a curveball and so can you.

Sports Shorts will show you wonderful examples of Christian football and baseball players at their best so you can be inspired to be your best.

Sports Shorts is the perfect gift for the young middle school athlete in your life. A great resource for coaches to bring into the dugout or onto the field to share with their players, this devotional lets younger athletes know that everyone faces problems and that no matter what life throws at you, you can still serve God and be happy and competitive.