Shaping Your Future


The Future Is in a Seed

You are the one who shapes your future! No matter how you’ve lived up until now, your past cannot derail your future because God’s potential lives in you!

In Shaping Your Future, author and teacher Barry Bennett explains that God has entrusted each of us with the ability to grow our own future, but the future comes in the form of seeds. Every thought, word, action, attitude, and resource can be the seed of blessing or destruction. These seeds define our lives.

Examining practical truths from God’s Word, Barry will help you understand…

  • The power of sowing and reaping
  • How the seeds you sow affect your health, relationships, ministry, employment, and more
  • God’s purposes and promises for your life
  • Where your future originates
  • God’s nature and goodness
  • How you can unlock the blessings of God for yourself and your family

Whether you realize it or not, you are planting seeds that shape your future. Release your destiny by planting the right seeds today!