Seeing the Power of Your Words: A Quick Daily Devotional for Women


★ Discover the Power of Positive Speaking ★

You’ve probably heard many messages about the importance of your words. And you believe that words have power. But so far, your beliefs haven’t translated into tangible results in your life – at least not to the degree you sense is possible.

That’s about to change over the next 30 days!

Seeing the Power of Your Words is a quick daily devotional with the potential for massive impact. The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:

✓ Choose your words more carefully.

✓ Shift the emotional atmosphere around you.

✓ Enhance all your most important relationships – with God, yourself, and others.

Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better – for you and everyone around you.

This is an easy Bible study guide for beginners offering an inspirational approach to spiritual and personal growth. You can use it as a quick daily devotional. Or you can use it as a workbook by diving into the guided practical activities. Perfect for individuals or women’s Bible studies.