Phantom Gunslinger


A mystery . . . A phantom . . . A killer on the loose. In Deadwood, you may lose your life. In Old West World you could lose your soul.

Someone is coming for Nick — and maybe his sister and all who ever helped him solve a “monster” murder. Who is this phantom gunslinger and why does he want Nick to leave Old West World in a pine box? In the fifth book in the series Nick finds that loose ends from past cases may leave him tied to a train trestle with the Black Beauty’s cowcatcher bearing down.

In this middle-grade mystery suspense, award-winning author Eddie Jones takes readers on a Wild, Wild, West ride to the peak of a snow-covered Georgia mountain on New Years night. In Old West World, doing the right thing may leave you on the wrong end of a tombstone.

★ 2021 Selah Award Middle Grade Finalist ★

Parents can trust the Caden Chronicles. There is no sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language, only positive moral values.

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