Paradise Mountain Ranch Romance Series


Looking for an escape into a small town with lots of love, laughter, and happily ever afters? Welcome to Paradise Mountain Ranch, Wyoming.

Book 1: Forever Prince

Madison and her two sisters inherit a small dusty ranch in Wyoming. Instead of selling it, the three of them decide to open their own business at the ranch.

In the small country of Altanaria, Max is told by his father that he will need to take his elder brother’s place in the family business. Upset with this news, Max leaves his home and travels to Paradise Mountain Ranch to hide out while deciding what to do next.

Madison and Max begin to work together to get the new business off the ground, while spending time getting to know each other.

But when a major secret Max is keeping surfaces, will they be able to trust each other with their futures?

Book 2: Forever Cowboy

Lindsey enjoys running the dude ranch with her two sisters and spending her extra time with Logan, the new horse trainer.

When he suddenly needs to make a trip to San Diego to pick up his children, he asks her to come with him. She immediately accepts.

As they work together to help his children adjust to their new lives on the dude ranch, problems keep appearing right and left. One of those problems drops in unannounced from Lindsey’s prior life.

Can they work together to resolve these issues and become a forever family?

Book 3: Forever Bodyguard

Emma loves living on the dude ranch, but life has a way of changing. She receives the opportunity of a lifetime; a trip to Altanaria.

Keith had been working hard to become Prince Max’s head bodyguard.

Now, he can finally begin raising his young daughter full-time. But his late wife’s parents, who have been raising her, aren’t happy with his decision. What he needs is a temporary nanny.

Emma agrees to help Keith with his daughter while visiting Altanaria. But as more secrets are revealed, as well as danger threatening the new king of Altanaria, will Keith be able to keep everyone safe?

Will Emma find her happily-ever-after or will living a world apart crash her hopes and dreams?

Book 3: Forever Princess

Now that she’s earned her degree, Princess Debra Charles of Altanaria is ready to move forward with her own plans. Unfortunately, her future includes an arranged marriage to the prince of a neighboring island country. Her world collapses to one question: How can she stop this madness?

With her mind spinning, she slips away to the Paradise Mountain Ranch in Wyoming. She doesn’t expect Prince Brian to follow her, to be such a gentleman, or to enjoy his companionship so much. Their time together is cut short when Debra leaves the ranch on personal business.

Her life becomes even more complicated, and she’s sure these complications will result in the King rejecting the union between her and his son, Prince Brian. But the King’s wrath becomes the least of their worries when the Independence Group acts on their threats.

This series focuses around three sisters and the men they love. It’s a sweet, clean and wholesome small-town romance filled with suspense and humor.