Operation: Married by Christmas


A second-chance romance between the small town sweetheart who needed to break out of the little girl mold her hometown cast on her and a cowboy she feared could never see the real woman she’d become. When runaway bride Haley Bell Thornton left cowboy Will Sutton standing alone at the altar she had her reasons…that no one could figure out. Will especially and he’s never come to come to terms with Haley Bell leaving.

When suddenly she shows up in town wearing a wedding dress and with another groom in her dust he’s not taking any chances on getting hurt again. He vows not to get drawn in…but it’s hard not to notice her strutting around town wearing her high heels and fancy honeymoon clothes and waking up regrets and long buried feelings he’s never been able to forget.

On top of everything she’s old-man App Thornton’s granddaughter and loved by the town matchmakers and now him and Haley Bell are at the top of their hit lis and they’ve hatched a plan: a wedding plan called Operation: Married by Christmas and the targets are Will and Haley Bell.

Things are heating up in Mule Hollow this Christmas and the town folks are hoping wedding bells are going to chime.