No Good Stede Goes Unpunished Audiobook


Would you risk your life to go back in time to the golden age of piracy?

★ 2021 Selah Award Winner Finalist for YA Literature ★

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It is 1717 and Ricky finds himself aboard a ship owned by Stede Bonnet, a rich sugar plantation owner who thought becoming a pirate might be a fun way to live out the rest of his life. Bonnet, in the midsts of a midlife crisis, decides to abandon his cushy-life, kids, and wife, to become a pirate. It does not go well. As they set sail from Barbados and slant west towards the North American coast, Bonnet’s crew runs afoul of the British Royal Navy and is put to the test when they encounter a heavily-armed warship.

Based on the true events of Bonnet’s adventures, No Good Stede Goes Unpunished blends adventure, humor, and historical accuracy into a lively pirate yarn.

Parents can trust the Caribbean Chronicles Series. There is no sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language, only positive moral values… and a wee bit of humor.

Recent Reader Comments

“Great book for a young boy or girl. I loved the pirates and adventure and, most importantly, the historical accuracy.”- James

“In an earlier story, I hadn’t considered the main character’s talent as a way to change the past. It’s not unlike the shenanigans Q gets up to with Picard. Despite paradoxes, I like the idea of trying to game results in the present by projecting consciousness back into the past. Instead of “go back into the past so that you can prevent the end of the world,” however, the problem in this case is that a girl needs the bio of an ancestor scrubbed so that a member of the DAR will write her a good letter of recommendation for college. That is so off the wall, how can it not be lovable? The little biology lessons are also lovable (crocodiles this time instead of wood-eating clams). The narrative advances like the old joke about someone jumping out of an airplane. Oh, no! The parachute broke! But there’s a haystack. Oh, no! There’s a pitchfork in the haystack. I looked forward to each inflection. “Right, marooned. What next?” It’s an easy, single-sitting read – and great fun.” – Matthew


* Historically accurate fiction (as close as possible)
* Short, fun, fast read
* Spiced with humor
* No profanity or sexual overtones
* No glorification of evil and wickedness

* Reinforces the Golden Rule
* Honors family
* Encourages readers to wonder “what if?”
* One of the best books for boys who do not like to read
* Also one of the best books for boys who like to read