My Heart is Home


It’s the kind of love you’re sure only comes once in a lifetime. The kind that makes you wonder how you could be so blessed. He’s your dream come true. Your happily ever after.

And then he’s not. There are no more dreams and no more happy. He might still be that once in a lifetime love, but he’s not yours anymore.

Myla Garret fled the town of Hidden Creek because JP Keller was no longer hers. He’d severed the connection she thought was unbreakable, and the loss was just too great. She left and didn’t go back.

Until now. She can’t miss her best friend’s wedding, even if it means facing JP for the first time in over three years. She’ll get in and get out and hopefully not sustain any more damage.

But the lure of home isn’t so easy to resist once she gets a taste. And what she thought was betrayal might have another side to it. Myla takes a chance on both Hidden Creek and JP, and just when she allows herself to hope for a better ending this time, a new challenge arises that changes everything yet again.

It’s a good thing Myla is back on track with God, because if she wants JP, prayer and patience are the keys. Her happy ending could be back in sight—as long as she doesn’t end up taking one risk too many.

(This three book series is complete.)