Multiplying Disciples: Social Media and the New Roman Road


Technology—The Tool to Introduce the World to Christ

Most of us love technology. Social media keeps us connected. New apps and technological advancements provide more opportunities for personal and business use. But did you ever stop to think about how technology may be the modern-day equivalent of the Roman roads during the early church growth?

In this timely and ministry-boosting book, international evangelist and speaker Sammy Tippit will inspire you to embrace technology as the crossroad of man’s invention with God’s intent. Much like the Roman roads served as a tool for commerce and information, Tippit shows believers and churches how today’s technology can be a powerful ministry tool to advance the kingdom of God. Highlighting how our thought processes about technology may need to be challenged, Tippit inspires believers and ministry leaders to prayerfully consider how they can best use technology to teach the Bible to youth in Afghanistan, disciple a group in Kenya, or simply engage someone in your neighborhood.