Moore or Less


Emma is the second of five daughters, but that’s the only place she’ll be known as number two.

Emma is a modern day prodigal obsessed with the security that financial success brings. She’ll do anything to get her career to the next level, and she’s working herself to the bone to make it happen.
Luke has a history he prefers not to share. Having experienced the best the world has to offer, he finds he prefers the simplicity of small town life.

A confrontation with her estranged family removes Emma’s focus from work just long enough to get her questioning her faith and what a relationship with God might require. Finding solace in an unexpected hobby and friendship with a mysteriously grumpy gardener, Emma begins to understand her life may look different than she expected.

Emma and Luke must both resolve the issues of the past before they can accept the hope God offers in a future together.
Moore or Less is a clean and wholesome contemporary Christian romance with a happily ever after. This is the first book in The Moore Sisters Series of five books. Each book can be read separately as a standalone but are better when read together as a series.