Missing on Main Street


One endangered teen…

… shakes up three small-town moms.

The chase begins, and nothing will ever be the same.


Lydia Everett loved her life as a homeschooling mom. Now, she tackles teaching the children of her town to fill the gap left by her only child’s graduation. Lydia’s mommy senses trigger when her favorite student goes missing.

Ivy is in trouble. She knows it.

Finding her becomes the top priority in Lydia’s life.

Broken doesn’t scratch the surface of the home life Ivy escaped. The teen struggles to reach Honey Pot with limited resources and less time. Little does she know, something darker is hunting her down.

Luckily, help is on the way.

Will it reach Ivy before harm befalls her?

Lydia recruits her two best friends to join the search and save Ivy. What they uncover along the way will test their wits, but will it unravel their faith?

You’ll fall into friendship with these headstrong moms because they’ll do anything to protect the runaway teen in Book 1 of this Christian Suspense series.

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