Marriage: Make It or Break It


Selah Awards Finalist

“Helpful book. Lots of wise teaching. Very insightful. Enjoyed the author’s examples and scripture references. I recommend this book to all.” ~ Amazon review

“Whether you’ve been married four days, four years or forty years, Marriage: Make It or Break It is relevant. Author Andrea Merrell’s keen perception on the subject will encourage you to apply biblical truths and principles to your own situation. It will compel you to hang on tight as you commit to nurture, respect, and love your spouse and your marriage. You will be encouraged to truly enjoy the ride together in this sacred privilege you have committed to one another. A valuable tool for someone who is facing challenges in his or her marriage. It also makes a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift. Why just survive, when you can thrive? You’ll love this book!” ~ Amazon review

“As someone who has been married as long as Mrs. Merrell, I can say that her book rings true. Marriage is one of those things that we either invest time in or we give up and throw in the towel. Andrea has written one of the best books I have read on the subject matter. She doesn’t hold back in telling it like it was and is. The examples, the prayers, and the encouragement make this book a keeper. It would make an excellent wedding, shower, or anniversary gift.” ~ Amazon review

“When you pick up this book you will be sitting down with Andrea, coffee in hand, on the porch swing for a heart to heart. She shares from her experiences and the scripture. You will listen, learn to apply truth and how to pray for your spouse, self and circumstance. All marriages, even good ones, will benefit from this book.” ~ Amazon review

“I’ve been married to a godly man for 47 years and I still found great wisdom and encouragement in this book. There isn’t any marriage that can’t benefit from hearing the stories about other marriages like Andrea’s because she shares so honestly. Plus, she includes practical ideas and biblical wisdom. I’m excited to tell others about this book.” ~ Amazon review

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