Levi’s Living Water


Levi has lost the most important person in his life. Little does he know that Grandpa Walter hasn’t forgotten him…

Grandpa W. was the only person who’d ever shown Levi loving care and kindness. Now, at 34 years old, Levi is left to face the challenges of life with nobody to lean on.

In an attempt to find something, anything, to remember his grandpa by, Levi stumbles upon an old memento. However, this memento brings up nothing but anger and frustration. It reminds him of the awful experiences he had in church involving judgmental people who only cared about how you acted, not whether you were okay on the inside.

Because of his negative experiences in church, Levi had thrown spirituality away long ago and fully intended to keep it that way. But Grandpa W. can see Levi in his time of need, and tonight, Levi is taken up into an experience that will change everything…