Lancaster County Second Chances 6-Book Boxed Set Bundle


Tragedy. Faith. Love.

Join widow and widower Katie and Joseph as they find the faith to love again while Joseph’s lost sister struggles with a terrible secret that may threaten them all.

BOOK 1: An Amish widow. A second chance. Can love rise from the ashes?

  • After Katie Fisher’s husband and young son are killed in a fire, the Amish widow returns to her parents’ home with her faith in shambles. But when 31-year-old Amish widower, Joseph Lapp, comes to Katie’s district church service looking for help with his three rambunctious children, Katie accepts the position. She quickly finds herself falling in love with Joseph’s children, and Joseph himself. But when a new tragedy threatens their fragile future, will the couple have the faith to risk a second chance at love?


BOOK 2: The prodigal daughter returns. But can she face her past?

Everything is threatened when Joseph’s younger sister, Cora, takes refuge in his home. Disowned by their parents, Cora is all out of options and hiding a terrible secret. Can Cora escape her past, or will she find the strength in God to face it? And what will Cora’s decision mean for Katie and Joseph?


BOOK 3: She survived, but now that she’s found love, is it enough?

  • Disowned by her Amish parents, Cora returns to her community after weathering abuse and betrayal. But now that she’s found love, is that enough to cement her faith and future as an Amish woman?.


BOOK 4: A wedding. A child. A journey. One mistake could destroy it all.

  • It’s a double celebration as Cora and Isaac prepare for their wedding, and Katie and Joseph navigate the birth of their child. But a simple mistake has heart wrenching consequences. Has Cora really accepted her Amish life, or will temptation — and her temper – make her lose everything?


BOOK 5: A crossroads. Judgment. Will they be Shunned?

  • When Cora and her best friend Mary defy the Ordnung, they face judgment – and may be Shunned. Will the girls be given a second chance? And what will the decision mean for their community?


BOOK 6: Joyful news. A terrible risk. Can love conquer fear?

  • When Cora gets very special news, will fear force the love of her life to take a terrifying risk? And what about Mary and Seth, who are struggling to choose between the Amish and Englisch world — even as Seth finds himself succumbing to a mysterious illness?

The Lancaster County Second Chances 6-Book boxed set is a complete series collection that that blends God’s Word with the Amish lifestyle. If you are looking for a beautifully written, clean story that grabs your interest and holds it, then you’ll love Ruth Price’s series of faith, love, and sweet romance.