JOY’S SONG: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel


“Joy’s Song—A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel” takes us back to Montana and the Morgan Family ranch.

The story is mostly written through the eyes of Bill Parker—Sam Morgan’s former FBI employee, who is now a Field Team Leader with a lucrative career with the Bureau; and Joy Whitefox, the niece of Mary Byrd, a long-time friend of the Morgans.

Bill Parker shows up unexpectedly in Montana to visit the Morgans. He’s hurting and comes to Bluecreek Ranch searching for answers and the peace he seems to have lost somewhere along the way. While visiting the Morgans, Bill meets lovely Joy Whitefox, Jack and Mary Byrd’s niece. Joy has reasons of her own for being at the ranch, and Bill is quickly drawn to the young woman—although his affections rapidly take a back seat at the realization that Joy’s life may very well be in danger.

This Christian novel will take you back to the ranch where the True Cover series began, and reintroduce you to the people and the family we all came to love. Will Bill be able to protect Joy? And what about Bill’s dreams? How will those dreams impact any future he might have with the beautiful Crow woman? And what about Joy’s own dreams? Will they take her away from Bill and any future they may have together?

Joy’s Song is a feel-good book that will touch your heart, and remind you that no matter what we face in our lives, God is with us every step of the way.

Author’s Note:If you haven’t read any of the True Cover books yet, I would suggest you at least read the first book in the series – True Cover – which is actually free for Kindle. If you’ve read all three books in the series, you will be totally up-to-date with the Morgan family when you begin Joy’s Song.