Hunt for Justice


A western story of Sheriff George Donovan’s duty to hunt down a group of bandits led by Wyatt Salivander and bring them to justice.

The last thing George expects is for Wyatt to ride through his small town and wreak havoc, kidnapping two women along the way – one of them being his childhood sweetheart Audrey. The bandit leaves behind a note for George, making him aware of the war he has started.

Wyatt, who disagrees with the abolishment of slavery, keeps two black women as hostages, along with Audrey and her friend Jackie.

George takes the fight to Wyatt, and the sheriff is joined by his young deputy, Teddy. During their journey together, Sheriff George teaches Teddy the meaning of what it is to have courage, as well as protects and guides him to bring out the best in him.

George and Teddy must bring law and order to their land, and get the women home safely.