Her Cowboy’s Coworker


A rancher who desperately needs more help. A woman looking to make a fresh start. Can a working relationship blossom into something more this Christmas season?

Liam Whitley has struggled for years to handle the workload at Shooting Star Canyon Ranch. His friends all work there, but they need more hands. They need another cowboy. Or maybe a cowgirl.

Rebecca Blackwell is grieving the death of her beloved Grandmary. Will moving in with a friend halfway across the country be the first step to healing?

Soon, a smooth start turns into clashing ideologies, bruised egos, and flaring tempers. It certainly doesn’t help that Rebecca is the only female working at the ranch.

But ranch-kid-turned-city-girl Rebecca has forgotten how much she loves this life, and she’s ready to fight for it. Even if that fight means closing her heart to the possibility of love.