Heartland Cowboy Christmas Box Set Books


This set of cowboy romances includes every book in Jessie Gussman’s nine book Heartland Cowboy Christmas Romance series.

Book 1 Heartland Joy Will the Bad Luck Widow ever find her happily ever after?

Book 2 Heartland Cheer They got married in secret then she was falsely accused and her prison sentence came between them. Can they recapture what they once had?

Book 3 Heartland Romance Can two friends become more with the help of a crazy family and a Christmas miracle?

Book 4 Heartland Gold Can he convince her that a good man is worth risking her heart for?

Book 5 Heartland Giving They’re all wrong for each other, but why does being together feel so right?

Book 6 Heartland Holidays Will he allow God’s refining fire to make him better? Or will he become bitter?

Book 7 Heartland Stars Can two down-on-their-luck strangers take the pieces of their lives and make something beautiful out of them?

Book 8 Heartland Mistletoe As they work together will they find out that sometimes first impressions are wrong?

Book 9 Heartland Faith Will they bank on faith and take a second chance at love?