Greater Than: Discovering the Things That Keep Us from God’s Best


What are you relying on for your joy, identity, self-worth, or security?

It’s easy for us to dismiss idol worship as a thing of the ancient past. Long gone are the days of bowing down to some golden snake or half naked man-fish. Or are they? Today’s idolatry takes on many complicated forms, which we must acknowledge honestly, and turn from, if we want to recognize the greatness and wonder of the One True God.

Sooner or later, we all find ourselves clinging to something worthless in hopes that it will make our lives fulfilling. We clutch our addictions, desires, insecurities, sinful habits, and hurts, hoping that somehow they will make us who we are meant to be. We miss out on God’s best for us because we are too busy chasing an illusion.

In this book, as Pastor Tim zeroes in on the different kinds of idols that are keeping us from God’s best, you will learn how to:

  • Contend with your ego and choose to put God first
  • Redeem the past and move forward into purpose
  • Overcome the fear of people’s opinions
  • Take bold risks as God unfolds His plan for your life
  • Trust God to provide for your needs
  • Recognize your true identity according to God and His Word
  • Release control and trust God in the midst of chaos

Prompts at the end of each chapter will give you the opportunity to reflect on what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, and what steps the Spirit is asking you to take, as you endeavor to put God first in your life.

God wants you to truly, intimately know Him. To connect with the real God, you have to let go of the twisted illusions in which you have unknowingly put your hope. Prioritize your relationship with God and discover the One who is Greater Than anything this world has to offer!