God’s Plan for Our Success Nehemiah’s Way


Open wide the gates! This teaching on the gates started an awakening in my heart and caused me to hunger for a deeper walk with the Lord. …it began a new quest for the glory of God to manifest—and it most definitely did! –Jo Ellen Stevens Too many think that the day we become born again, God turns us loose to somehow evolve into mature Christians. On the contrary, He has a plan for our success, and the gates define that—step by step, experience by experience, truth by truth. God’s Plan for Our Success Nehemiah’s Way—Rebuilding the Gates in Your Christian Journey is a unique look at how the ten gates described in the Book of Nehemiah affect your life. Gates are crucial for you to walk through and understand, making your daily hike more successful. These benchmarks help you grow stronger and know how to react when your “city” lies in “waste, and the gates thereof are burned with fire” (Neh. 2:17). This book is an insightful, practical blueprint to building a rich life of blessings. You go through the first gate as a new Christian and through each of the other gates on your way toward the last one—your God-given destiny.