God’s Big Ask


Walls crumble. Disappointments repeat. Pain becomes too close a friend.

In our weariness, we struggle to embrace God’s direction because we feel as though He asks too much, given our current circumstances. In God’s Big Ask, Carissa Campbell provides insight on how to courageously say yes to God, in both the daily mundane and in the big, by learning to:

  • replace the disappointment of unmet expectations by developing confidence in God’s storyline for you.
  • release the weight of worry by choosing to trust God in the space between your need and His answer.
  • push through the sense of abandonment and discover why God intentionally uses silence.
  • overcome the tendency to avoid what God asks of us by embracing the rewarding practice of obedience.

God’s Big Ask assures that redemption and restoration are possible for all of us, in all our places, and in all our messes. Your journey through sacrifice, suffering, and silence doesn’t have to be suffocating; rather, it can be full of surprises where your wasteland becomes a transformational example of His workmanship.