God Bless the Child


The children who enter The Main Street Clinic to see dedicated family therapist, Katie Collier, are brokenhearted and traumatized. But all is not lost; inside her clinic, Katie has built a refuge of help and hope.

In life, Katie struggles to find balance. At home, she must meet the needs of her husband while quelling the mounting insecurities of their adopted daughter, Bailey. At work, she struggles to save her young clients at any cost, including three-year-old Sara Beth Martin—the clinic’s youngest client—who pulls at Katie’s heartstrings. But Sara Beth isn’t the one with issues; Katie spots frightening symptoms in Sara Beth’s mother.

Katie is devastated when authorities discover the toddler dead in a parked van during the hottest part of a Texas summer, but she also wonders … was this a tragic accident or was the child murdered?