Faith House


Who understands the compulsions of addiction better than an addict? Who understands the fear of loneliness better than someone blamed and shamed? There is only One who truly understands your desperation better than you — Christ. He sees your life from an eternal perspective. Though you may be broken, he sees the potential and promise for which you were created. Start your journey towards healing today.

Faith House: A Journey to Faith is the story of how God invades our darkness. When everyone else walks out of your life, Jesus walks in. This is not a book with false promises that God will heal you overnight. You did not reach this point of darkness overnight; following the light out will take time. But your addiction doesn’t have to define you. Regardless of current circumstances, your past can be forgiven. You can be made whole. With God, “Nothing is Impossible.” Luke 1:37.

Isn’t it time you began your journey towards healing?

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