Extraordinary Hospitality for Ordinary Christians: A Radical Approach to Preparing Your Heart & Home for Gospel-Centered Community


Winner of the Best Book Awards and 1st Place Winner of the Selah Awards for Christian Life!

Prepare your heart and home to serve not only family and friends, but neighbors and strangers too! Make any space a haven of discipleship, connection, and comfort. 

As Christians, we sometimes forget the power of an open door to a lost world. Using our homes to live out our faith in the true model of the Great Commission is challenging in our busy, over-scheduled lives. But having a home that is always open and available is key to living in community with others and being missional in our thinking. In this beautiful and inspiring book, wife, mom, and interior design enthusiast Victoria Duerstock offers simple and inspiring ways to prepare our hearts and homes to be open to friends, neighbors, and strangers.

You don’t need an immaculate or professionally decorated home to be hospitable. In fact, there is beauty in being honest with others about our lived-in spaces, and great value in being humble enough to live life together in the midst of imperfection. But it’ll be a blessing to you and to your guests to create a space that reflects the beauty, peace, and joy of life in Christ.

Whether you have a tiny apartment or a big old farmhouse, you can learn how to:

  • Declutter common areas
  • Bring hygge to your guest room (or even just to your couch, if that’s all you’ve got!)
  • Create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere
  • Schedule in regular housecleaning
  • Prepare freezer meals for no-stress last minute dinners

More importantly, be encouraged to have your heart in the right place, to engage in meaningful discussion with guests, and to take time to be a “Mary” in our works-driven “Martha” culture. Allow the Holy Spirit to overflow from your heart into your homes and community as you let your guard down and invite people into your lives.